Motion Capture

prophysics SOL AB
Jungmansv. 3
243 35 Höör - Sweden

Phone: +46 413 260 60

VAT: SE556923743001

Motion Capture

Welcome to prophysics SOL - a team of experts waiting to help you find the motion capture solution you are looking for!

We specialise in guiding customers through the complex field of motion capture and biomechanics. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies enable us to tailor make systems based on your specific needs. A dedicated training and support crew will help you get started and, just as important, to keep on going. Not only today, but also tomorrow and in many years to come! We deliver solutions that meet even the most demanding challenges. Some of which you might not even have met yet!

Our experience dates back to the time when gait analysis was just a toddler – profit from that!

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