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Vicon - 3D Motion Capture

The third dimension leaves nothing to be desired - all spatial information is measured with the highest precision and speed. However, the processing of motion capture data is a complex task. This is where our experience comes to the fore, from the planning and advice relating to installation, to the training on the use of the system and how to process and report your measured data. We're always there for you!

Products Vicon

  • Vue »


    Vicon Vue is the industry's only HD high resolution fully synchronised video camera that does not sacrifice speed for clarity.

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  • Vantage V16 »


    We are proud to present the new Vicon flagship: the Vicon Vantage V16. V16 sets new standards. Performance-enhancing features and intelligent control processes simplify motion capture.

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  • Vantage V8 »


    ViconVantage V8 offers 8 MP and 250 fps at full resolution. With performance-enhancing features and intelligent control processes, Vicon clearly simplifies motion capture.

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  • Vantage V5 »


    ViconVantage V5 offers a unique combination of high speed, precision and resolution.

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  • Vero »


    Compact, mobile and high-resolution: the new camera from Vicon.

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  • Bonita Video »


    All in one place: Bonita video cameras enable you to integrate Vicon’s own HD cameras into your system, in addition to your optical Vicon cameras. For perfect, synchronous capture in the usual high quality.

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  • Lock+ »


    Lock+ is Vicon’s controller for incorporation, integration and synchronisation of external instruments into the Vicon system. The integrated, 64-channel A/D converter enables synchronous integration of analogue data such as EMG or force plates. Lock+ enables up to eight external instruments to be triggered with an external sync. Data is perfectly synchronised with timecode, Genlock and VESA support.

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  • Nexus Software » Software


    Nexus 2 has been specially developed for life sciences. The software’s strengths lie in its flexible potential applications, optimised workflow, user-friendliness and the unique search functions within the database. That the software and hardware come from the same source is an obvious benefit.

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  • Polygon Software » Software


    Vicon Polygon enables you to put together and clearly present all of the relevant data for your motion analysis in an integrated interface.

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  • Tracker Software » Software


    Vicon Tracker delivers a reliable and stable solution for recording objects in real time in 3D. With its short latency period, the software can be integrated into various 3D applications: VirTools, Labview, Jack, Open Scene Graph, WorldViz, Panda3D and VR Juggler.

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  • ProCalc Software » Software


    ProCalc is a simple, visual application for generating your own cinematic models and for calculating events and variables. ProCalc’s pre-defined, biomechanically relevant operations enable elegant calculation of outputs and variables.

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  • Blade Software » Software


    The software, which has been specially developed for the entertainment industry, provides a simple interface, intelligent calibration and improved workflow. This makes the motion capture system more accurate, faster and more flexible to use.

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  • Pegasus Software » Software


    Vicon’s Pegasus is a retargeter that makes streaming of real-time mo-cap data from Vicon Blade into a game engine (Unity or Unreal Engine) much easier. Retargeting can also be done with rigid bodies (Vicon Tracker).

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