Vicon  announces Nexus 2.9 a major update to its motion capture software that brings with it the first fully integrated release of the eagerly anticipated Conventional Gait Model 2 (CGM2). The new CGM2 builds on the strength of the Vicon Plug-in Gait (PiG) – the current industry standard in CGM implementation – without sacrificing existing workflows. With Nexus 2.9, users will still be able to process their existing data using PiG, while also gaining access to the CGM2’s improved accuracy, repeatability and more modern methodologies in order to produce better data analysis.

«One of Vicon’s strengths is our close relationship with the gait analysis community,» said Dr. Kim Duffy, Vicon life sciences product manager. «We are constantly listening to ensure we offer what they need now, and what they may need in the future.

«From CGM2 to all the other new features, Nexus 2.9 offers something for everyone — and best of all, users won’t need to sacrifice anything to get the benefits.»

By Cornelia Hasler