Mobile swimming analysis at the highest level

For the planning of a professional training set-up, the demand for a flexible solution for swimming analysis in indoor and outdoor use became more and more central for us. We have therefore teamed up with the team from prophysics AG. Our goal was a highly mobile swimming analysis system with versatile use in different operating models, such as measuring station operation, autofeedback operation and competition analysis. Our requirements and wishes could be fully implemented. The new system has now been in use since autumn 2019. The Olympic squad Swiss Swimming, the national squad (junior and elite) Swiss Swimming, the army squad Swiss Swimming, the NLZ squad Swiss Swimming as well as the regional squad Swiss Swimming and athletes from our NWF bases were measured. Our top athletes were measured in the following activities:

  • Launch and turn analysis via static cameras, with underwater movement
  • Cyclic racing (swimming technique) to discover performance reserves
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The video-based system for analysing athletes' swimming performance. A practical solution for swimming training and performance diagnostics.

CONTEMPLAS Über- und Unterwasserkameras

– Above water with high-speed camera setups for different perspectives
– Underwater with differently installed waterproof cameras
– Comprehensive in one video by using a mobile TwinCam trolley
– Direct feedback through mobile analysis stations

For accurate swim analysis:
Real-time live view, delayed playback, post-session analysis of recordings, wired and wireless, always ready to use.

Project information

What was the challenge in this project?

  • Highest portability and flexibility of the system for indoor and outdoor use
  • Synchronous recording of all cameras via a notebook

What special technical solution was developed and installed?

  • New development of a telescopic rod-guided underwater camera
  • Waterproof tablet as feedback screen for athletes

What added value and benefits has the system created?

  • Analysis possibility independent of training location
  • Intra-/inter-individual comparability of the athletes and Possibility of long-term data collection
  • Objective assessment of training interventions

What results can the user get?

  • Quantitative, parameter-based analysis results for sport-scientific movement and time analysis
  • Immediately available qualitative analyses based on Comparisons and objective evaluations

Our performance diagnostics centre is integrated into our Swiss Swimming Training Base in Tenero. What is special is that the Swiss Swimming Training Base looks after all four sports of the Swiss Swimming Federation and makes the infrastructure and services at CST Tenero accessible for all four. Swiss Swimming also maintains a National Performance Centre in Tenero with two permanently employed professional coaches and a fixed training group who live and train in Tenero all year round. In this way, we generate optimal synergies of personnel, infrastructure, organisation and logistics for training and diagnostics.

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