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RYSEN is a 3D body weight support of the next generation. The RYSEN system allows early mobilization of patients with movement disorders (e.g. stroke, spinal cord injuries or amputations) and to train functional locomotor activities under unrestricted and natural conditions.

Vicon, Vicon Software

Origin is an easy-to-use and reliable location-based Virtual Reality (LBVR) system. This allows multiple participants to be tracked simultaneously as complete characters in an LBVR environment and being rendered as animated avatars.      

Higher fidelity measurement, five times faster data download speed, and real-time analysis – in the field and in water – Vicon’s Blue Trident IMU is the hero life sciences launch of 2019.The next generation of our market-leading IMU, Blue Trident is lightweight, easy to use, flexible and reliable.

Vicon has more than 30 years’ experience as the world’s leading provider and innovator of motion capture solutions for all applications.

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Vantage is Vicon’s flagship range of cameras. The sensors have resolutions of 5, 8 and 16 megapixels, with sample rates up to 2000Hz – this allows you to capture fast movements with very high accuracy. The cameras also have built-in temperature and bump sensors, as well as a clear display, to warn you if cameras have moved physically or due to thermal expansion. High-powered LEDs and sunlight filters mean that the Vantage is also the best choice for outdoor use and large volumes.


The compact Vero cameras have sensor resolutions of either 1.3 or 2.2 megapixels. The camera has a variable zoom lens, which makes it especially suited for smaller capture volumes where it is especially important to have an optimum field of view. The Vero’s attractive price combined with its light weight and small size makes it a great choice for smaller labs and studios.


The reference video camera has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (full HD) up to 60Hz in full colour. Fully synchronized and compatible with T-Series, Bonita, Vantage and Vero cameras in the same system, the Vue lets you capture marker data and reference video simultaneously. Using the Active Calibration Wand, you can also calibrate the Vue camera, which allows you to overlay all 3D data on top of the video.

Vicon has more than 30 years’ experience as the world’s leading provider and innovator of motion capture solutions for all applications.

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Shogun has been designed for the requirements and workflow of VFX/Entertainment users. The focus is to save time, and this is achieved by doing as much in real time as possible. To this end, Shogun introduces unique features such as real time actor calibration, automatic recovery of bumped cameras and unbreakable solving – the latter enables you to get a good skeletal solve even when a high proportion of markers is occluded, which again minimizes clean-up time afterwards.


Tracker has been designed for the requirements and workflow of Engineering users wanting to track the position and orientation of objects with as little effort and as low latency as possible. Perfect for many applications in robotics, UAV tracking, VR and human-machine interaction, Tracker lets you define what you want to track with a couple of mouse clicks – and then you can just leave in the background tracking. A simple SDK lets you connect the output data stream to your own software.


Vicon Nexus has been designed for the requirements and workflow of Life Science users. Data recording and processing can be fully customized to fit your requirements (for example by including your own marker sets and biomechanical models), and then automated so that routine tasks require only a mouse click. Data is hierarchically organized in the data management, and direct interfaces to MATLAB and Python allow data to be processed without the need to export and import data files.

AMTI was founded more than 30 years ago, and has developed a world-wide reputation for reliable, accurate and very durable products for the measurement of forces, which today are used in both clinical and research environments all over the world.

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BP 600900 Large Forceplate

The BP 600900 has, as its name suggests, a 600mm x 900mm surface, and is the best choice for a number of sport applications where a bigger surface makes data recording and analysis easier.

AccuSway Optimized

The AccuSway Optimized plate is a portable multi-axis force plate ideal for posture and balance measurements. Compatible with powerful software such as NetForce, Balance Clinic and Balance Trainer, the AccuSway is great choice when flexibility and ease of use are important.

Optima – Performance System

The Optima is the flagship among force plates. The patented calibration technology guarantees the highest possible accuracy across the entire surface of the plate – ideal for gait analysis, biomechanical research and other applications where the highest quality data is essential.

Contemplas GmbH is headquartered in Kempten, Bavaria, and develops innovative software solutions for movement and posture analysis. Since its foundation in 2005, the Company has evolved to become one of the leading providers of video-based movement analysis systems.

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TEMPLO Posture Analysis and Functional Screening

TEMPLO Posture Analysis is a software modules designed for the measurement of the body axes of standing humans. Furthermore, the Functional Screening module leads you through the process via standardized workflows based on text, pictures and video instructions.

TEMPLO Swimming and Sprinting Analysis

The Swimming Performance Analysis module is the complete solution for swimming coaches and other professionals wanting to measure and analyse swimming technique. The Sprinting Analysis module, on the other hand, works great in drier environments to measure and analyse sprint starts based on video and two force plates mounted in the starting blocks. Both the Swimming and Sprinting analysis modules are easy to use, and will give you key parameters quickly.

TEMPLO Running Analysis and Gait Analysis

The Running Analysis module allows you to assess the posture and movement of a runner based on video recordings. Similarly the clinical Gait Analysis module allows you to calculate important clinical parameters based on the video analysis as well as integrated force, pressure or EMG-measurements, and then to quantify and document your results in a report.

Cometa has been developing completely wireless EMG systems since 2004 and has pioneered and patented many innovations. The systems were initially marketed under different brands (e.g. Myon) and are now available under the brand name of the developer Cometa.

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Cometa Pico (EMG)

The Cometa Pico (EMG) sensors are small, light-weight and have on-board storage to allow measurements in the field. Easy to attach and easy to charge, the long battery life, the high signal-to-noise ratio and the wireless range are other features that make the aktos the best EMG system on the market today.

Cometa Wave (EMG)

The Cometa Wave (EMG) sensors are small, light-weight and have on-board storage to allow measurements in the field. Easy to attach and easy to charge, the long battery life, the high signal-to-noise ratio and the wireless range are other features that make the aktos the best EMG system on the market today.

proEMG is the ideal software for recording, analysing and documenting EMG data. The interface is intuitive, yet contains a large number of functions such as filters, smoothing, frequency analysis and even Wavelet-analysis. The processing also includes the ability to set events automatically and manually, and to derive relevant parameters – as well as the ability to automatically generate a report.

Ergoneers GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off, and offers software and hardware for Eye Tracking and Behavioural Science.

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Vehicle Testing Kit

The Ergoneers Vehicle Testing Kit is a powerful solution for testing and benchmarking vehicles and running naturalistic driving studies. It consists of an all in one box Automotive Computer which is powered with D-Lab3 measurement and analysis modules. It is made to be used in standard vehicles and offers several connectivity options to analyse and benchmark a car together with human behaviour.

Dikablis Glasses

The Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses combine monocular and binocular eye tracking with high measuring accuracy and standardized parameter calculation – even for people wearing glasses. As a result, they offer the ideal basis for studying human behavior in highly dynamic applications. Connect our head mounted eye tracker to the D-Lab measurement and analysis platform to capture and analyze gaze data in several ways.


D-Lab is your powerful, all-purpose and adaptable software for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behavioral studies. The great flexibility of the measurement and analysis modules enable you to tailor D-Lab to your exact requirements. It supports you throughout your whole study cycle – from planning to synchronous data capturing and analysis with a whole set of visualization options.

Zebris can look back on more than 25 years of successful innovation in the field of biomechanics. The three main application areas are medicine, dental and sport, and from their head quarters in Isny in the far south of Germany, they have successfully sold their products via trusted partners to all corners of the world.

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zebris FDM-T Running and Gait Analysis

Pressure distribution analysis on the treadmill is made easy with the FDM-T, which allows the observation of human gait to be done at different speeds and with a high number of repetitions.

zebris FDM Stance, Gait and Roll-Off Anaysis

For years, zebris FDM has been supporting doctors and therapists successfully in the diagnosis of postural deformities as well as podiatrists in providing insoles. The tried and tested zebris FDM pressure distribution measurement system captures the static and dynamic pressure distribution when standing and walking quickly and easily.

zebris RehaWalk

The treadmill-assisted zebris Rehawalk® system is designed for the analysis and treatment of gait disorders in neurological, orthopaedic and geriatric rehabilitation. The treadmill includes a harness which allows patients suffering from severe functional limitations to commence therapy at an early stage.