What are your requirements?

  • Do you need a medically certified system that enables you to measure and analyse the gait pattern of your patients?
  • Would you like to get a clinical report that can be shared with the patient or with other professionals within seconds of finishing the measurements?
  • Do you want an objective and accurate measurement of relevant gait parameters, based on clinically validated and established calculations?


What solutions do we offer?

  • We supply complete gait analysis laboratories with everything from simple video-based recording devices to medically certified 3D motion measurement systems, which can also be integrated with Virtual Reality visualization equipment.
  • Our solutions are optimized for daily routine use, and most tasks can be automated – many measurements are available in real time. This means that you will spend less time dealing with the technology, leaving you with more time to analyse the results and answer clinical or research questions.
  • Relevant hardware and software are certified as a Class 1 medical device with measurement function, which ensures that the quality and validity of the measurement can be used in clinical practice.
  • … please see the FAQ below for more questions and answers.

See how efficiently gait analysis can be done with a Vicon system.

To the video!

Interactive Gait-Lab: GRAIL

The GRAIL is a comprehensive, interactive Gait-Lab with gait training functions. The gait analysis takes place on a split belt treadmill in a virtual reality environment. Thanks to the force sensors in the treadmill, the integrated 3D motion capture system and other integrated sensors (e.g. EMG and EEG), all aspects of the patient's gait can be measured.

3D Gait and Running Analysis

Several measurement technologies are combined in order to accurately analyze joint angles, forces and moments as well as muscle activity and other key physiological parameters – the main ones are passive optical motion capture cameras, force plates and electromyography (EMG).

2D Gait and Running Analysis

The TEMPLO system enables video analysis with high-speed cameras for the precise movement analysis of your patients. Data from pressure and force plates, EMG systems or Optogait beams are recorded synchronously and automatically integrated into the report.

Pressure distribution

The Zebris pressure distribution plates allow the measurement of the force distribution of the feet on a treadmill or walkway. The very user-friendly software generates an analysis report within a few minutes.

Why with us?

Consulting & Planning

We advise on laboratory planning - and we provide installation and training.

Individual workflows

We help implementing your own workflows and protocols. On request, we can also develop customized solutions.

Specialist support

If you have any problems or questions when using your system, our support engineers are available for you.


Which gait analysis system should I choose?

This depends largely on your specific requirements, wishes and ideas – our expertise will help you choose the right combination, from mobile systems that measure temporal-spatial parameters, via 2D video analysis to high-end 3D solutions that also include real-time biofeedback.

How long does a measurement last?

This depends largely on the complexity of the measurement itself – the more you wish to measure, the longer the measurement session will take. The most time is usually required to attach sensors to the patient, for example EMG or markers for 3D. The simpler measurements of temporal-spatial parameters or pressure can be done in just a couple of minutes, whereas a full-body 3D analysis using the Vicon system usually requires around half an hour.

How complex and time-consuming is the installation and start-up phase for a new system?

One of our main tasks is actually to ensure that the installation and training on how to use hardware and software happens efficiently and smoothly. The installation itself can take anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the size and environment. Afterwards, we train relevant staff in how to use the system, focussing on tasks relevant for the application. Normally, a system can be used for routine recording as soon as the training has ended.

Am I able to synchronously record Kinematics, Kinetics and Muscle Activity (EMG) and subsequently analyse these together?

A standard gait analysis system includes integrated force plates that record data used to derive kinetic data, as well as optionally an EMG system that synchronously records muscle activity. We have example templates, and can also assist you in developing your own customized templates, for reports that contain the results you wish to communicate.

How can the System help me objectively evaluate orthoses and prostheses?

Using either a simple video-based solution with a force vector overlay, or a full 3D analysis based on a validated 3D model, you are able to record data to help determine the optimum placement and adjustment of orthoses and prostheses.