What are your requirements?

  • Would you like to assess and retrain your patients gait ability and/or postural stability objectively, under conditions relevant to daily life?
  • Do you need to conduct a clinical analysis efficiently, and within minutes have the ability to discuss the results with your patient or other professionals?
  • Do you see the potential to use Virtual Reality technology to improve the rehabilitation for your orthopaedic or neurological patients?What solutions do we offer?

What solutions do we offer?

  • We have everything from simple single-camera assessment systems that can be used almost everywhere, to high-end 3D motion capture systems with integrated force and EMG measurements – also with the option of customized Virtual Reality environments.
  • Our systems enable you to measure and perform an analysis of important clinical parameters within seconds – even an extensive measurement session involving multiple devices and protocols can be fully automated, which enables you to focus on interpreting the data rather than the technology itself. Our expertise includes the customization of protocols to suit your own requirements and ideas.
  • All measurements are done in real time, which means that many situations that commonly occur in daily life can be simulated (for example dual tasks, stumbling or negotiating obstacles), and the motion patterns and reactions from the patients can be measured and assessed directly, which again improves outcomes.
  • Have a look at the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more questions and answers!

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Interactive Gait-Lab: GRAIL

GRAIL is an interactive gait lab with extensive gait training functions. The analysis takes place on a split-belt treadmill surrounded by a virtual reality environment. Using the force sensors in the treadmill, the integrated 3D motion capture system as well as other measurement sensors such as EMG or EEG, the key movement variables can be measured whilst the patient is performing retraining tasks immersed in a virtual world.

Clinical 3D Gait Analysis

Several measurement technologies are combined in order to accurately analyze joint angles, forces and moments as well as muscle activity and other key physiological parameters – the main ones are passive optical motion capture cameras, force plates and electromyography (EMG).

Treadmill for rehabilitation

The Zebris Rehawalk system is designed for the analysis and treatment and rehabilitation of gait disorder in orthopedic, neurological and geriatric populations. Training on the treadmill is possible with body weight support, and is therefore suitable for patients with significant functional limitations.

Analysis of gait parameters

Optogait is an innovative system that measures temporal-spatial parameters in gait or running, either on the treadmill or over ground. Its simple set-up and ease of use makes it ideal for quickly assessing patients, both normal and pathological. We can assist you in laboratory planning, and we will also install the various components for you.

Why with us?

Getting the most out of your system

Our goal is to enable you to take full advantage of the system's performance as quickly as possible.

Consulting, Training & Support

In addition to consulting, training and support, we also offer individual services – for example, helping you to plan your project or creating sports-specific models and reports.

Large Network

Our large network of sport scientists and experienced coaches meet regularly, for example at frequent workshops or at our biannual user meetings.


How easy are the systems to use?

During installation, we will set up the systems so that they are customized and ready to use for your application after a short introduction. In case you have questions, our Support staff is only a telephone call or an email away, and we can also help using remote desktop.

Can I use the System outdoors?

All systems can be used outdoors – many of our customers have used the systems either on the training field or even during competition, both summer and winter.

Are the Systems suitable for elite athletes?

Two key features make the analysis of elite athletes easier – first and foremost, the markers that are attached to the body are small and lightweight, so the athlete will not be impeded. Secondly, the accuracy and frame rate of the system makes it suitable for recording very fast movements with high fidelity.

Can I record and document improvements in technique and performance?

Many parameters can be derived from the objective measurements recorded by synchronized measurement devices – joint angles, force, time, distance and muscle activity among others – and these can be exported to reports or spreadsheets. From here, changes can be monitored, and comparison reports that track the changes over time, or that compare different athletes, can be created.