What are your requirements?

  • Do you need a System to measure the performance of an athlete, either physically or cognitively, in order to assess and document injury risks, improvements, or perhaps to compare movement patterns to other athletes?
  • Do you need a portable system, which can be set up in only a couple of minutes, that lets you measure key athlete parameters such as times, accelerations and stride lengths?
  • Would you like a system that measures detailed motion accurately and with very high framerates, enabling you to record data from sports with very fast movements regardless of whether the measurements take place in the lab or in the field?


What solutions do we offer?

  • We can provide customized solutions for most movement analysis requirements in sports, regardless of whether the analysis takes place outside in the field, in a sports hall or in a lab.
  • We offer a range of measurement equipment, from simple devices that record time/distance parameters, via muscle activity (EMG) measurements, to full 3D systems that enable very detailed and accurate performance parameters to be calculated.
  • Our staff speaks your language – several of us studied sports ourselves, and we can provide expert advice on how different technologies can be used to help you get the solution you need.
  • … please see the FAQ below for more questions and answers.

Are you interested in a demo or do you need more information?

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3D Motion Analysis in Sports

The Vicon system measures 3D movement with very high precision. Results are presented in real time, allowing movement to be assessed immediately. Combined with EMG sensors and force plates, the system offers a complete measurement solution for all types of motion.

Performance Analysis in Sports

The Microgate systems are ideal for objectively measuring performance parameters that help to track and optimize progress for all types of sports. Regardless of whether the focus is on power, endurance or cognitive aspects of sports, the various systems will assist in the optimization of athletic performance.

Sprint, jump and swim analysis

The CONTEMPLAS sport analysis systems have modules that have been designed to address specific aspects of sports – for example, sprinting, jumping and swimming. Using synchronized high-speed video from multiple angles and customized software, fast and complex movements can be analyzed from different perspectives.

Jump and Balance Analysis

Achieving peak performance requires individually optimized training methods customized to the athlete. Force and pressure plates enable parameters relevant to sports performance to be calculated and tracked accurately and reliably, which greatly assists the development of individualized training.

Why with us?

Getting the most out of your system

Our goal is to enable you to take full advantage of the system's performance as quickly as possible.

Consulting, Training & Support

In addition to consulting, training and support, we also offer individual services – for example, helping you to plan your project or creating sports-specific models and reports.

Large Network

Our large network of sport scientists and experienced coaches meet regularly, for example at frequent workshops or at our biannual user meetings.


How easy are the systems to use?

During installation, we will set up the systems so that they are customized and ready to use for your application after a short introduction. In case you have questions, our Support staff is only a telephone call or an email away, and we can also help using remote desktop.

Can I use the System outdoors?

All systems can be used outdoors – many of our customers have used the systems either on the training field or even during competition, both summer and winter.

Are the Systems suitable for elite athletes?

Two key features make the analysis of elite athletes easier – first and foremost, the markers that are attached to the body are small and lightweight, so the athlete will not be impeded. Secondly, the accuracy and frame rate of the system makes it suitable for recording very fast movements with high fidelity.

Can I record and document improvements in technique and performance?

Many parameters can be derived from the objective measurements recorded by synchronized measurement devices – joint angles, force, time, distance and muscle activity among others – and these can be exported to reports or spreadsheets. From here, changes can be monitored, and comparison reports that track the changes over time, or that compare different athletes, can be created.