Nexus was developed for the life sciences and offers a wide range of automated functions, intelligent processing and flexible controls. Nexus is the only platform you need for your life science application.

Nexus 2.9 offers the following new features:

  • Improved CGM2 workflow
  • Fast access to data quality information
  • Overlay of Normalized Trial Data in Quick Reports
  • Possibility of mirroring video cameras on the screen
  • Labeling templates (VST) for Hybrid CAST Visual3D model
  • Foot strike counter in camera view for video cameras
  • Improvements in Event Identification mode
  • Control of pop-up notifications
  • New pipeline operation for residual analysis
  • Application of delay compensation as a batch process
  • Delete all events from a single context
  • New API functions for digital device data
  • New SDK command for identifying active subjects
  • Improved reproducibility of the calibration volume


NEWS from mid-October: Nexus 2.10 – Blue Trident IMU integration:

Vicon IMUs from Vicon Nexus 2.10 can be integrated into your system as digital devices, so that you can acquire synchronized optical and inertial data on one platform.

Update Nexus Software 2.9

By Cornelia Hasler