The benefits of Vicon's Virtual Production

Vicon’s Virtual Production Solution provides low latency (<5 ms), high-precision multi camera tracking (+/- 0.2 mm) with seamless integration into Unreal and Unity.

These combine the physical and digital worlds by utilizing cutting edge game engines, giving actors, directors and other creatives the ability to view their projects live on set via LED walls so they can react and iterate in real-time, rather than having to wait until post-production.

Full Body Capture

LED / Green Screen

In Camera VFX

prophysics - Picture Vicon Virtual Production Set

Virtual Production | In Camera VFX | LED Wall | XR

Bringing together Vicon’s tracking of both rigid object and full body subjects, the virtual production pipeline allows users to track film and video cameras alongside highly realistic digital characters, with high-fidelity finger tracking and facial capture, which can all be streamed directly into the game engine to deliver data at the lowest latency possible.